Slide guitars and Resophonic guitars



Slide and resophonic guitars became popular in the late 1920s. Today, those wood- and metal-bodied guitars (regular and lapstyle) are used in every kind of music. Their expressive tone puts them in a category of their own.
The Weissenborn-style guitar has a sweet and rich tone with a surprising amount of volume.
The wood-bodied resophonic guitar has a more defined sound that lends itself perfectly to slides, slants and tremolos from blues to bluegrass.

Working with all the different materials that come together in an instrument is one of the great challenges and joys of my trade. So the day Luc Van Pamel told me about his love for blues music and his project of constructing metal guitar bodies I offered my services to construct the necks for these guitars and to take care of the overall assembly.
The result is an instrument that can be used both for slide and fingerpicking purposes.